Event Recap: SBDC Inclusivity Project Capital Summit

On July 14th, the SBDC Inclusivity Project hosted its 4th Capital Summit, which focused on empowering business owners facing funding hurdles. The initiative aimed to guide 300 entrepreneurs, offering them the tools to elevate their businesses to the next level.

The Summit was set into motion, with attendees gathering in an environment encouraging networking and collaboration. The day was marked by a series of presentations from seasoned professionals from the banking and lending sectors along with equity experts. These speakers provided valuable insights into their journeys, sharing success stories and offering advice on securing funding.

Norcal SBDC Associate Director Scott Rogalski introduces the lending panelists at the Inclusivity Project’s Capital Summit event.

Carl Davis Jr., the program coordinator, reflected on the event’s outcome: “We intended to facilitate an exchange of ideas and strategies that could be instrumental in overcoming funding challenges. The attendees’ response underlined that the Summit successfully delivered on that promise.”

The panel sessions and discussions were easily the event’s highlight. These discussions provided insights into alternative funding sources and effective pitching and enabled participants to share experiences, identify solutions, and draw inspiration from their peers.

Beyond the knowledge imparted, the Summit also served as a networking platform. Business owners connected with potential investors, mentors, and industry colleagues, setting the foundation for relationships that could significantly impact their business trajectories.

The event’s success was evident in the attendees’ feedback. Many expressed that the practical insights and newfound confidence they gained in securing funding were invaluable.

Jermaine Carter-Gibson, an official from the California Office of The Small Business Advocate, praised the event, stating, “The SBDC Inclusivity Project Capital Summit is an excellent example of how an event can effectively equip entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and connections to surmount funding challenges.

Representing the perspective of the Black Chamber of Commerce, Samuel Washington added, “This Summit not only provided valuable knowledge but also fostered a sense of community among the diverse group of entrepreneurs present. It’s an encouraging sign of the inclusive future we strive for.

In conclusion, the SBDC Inclusivity Project Capital Summit successfully delivered on its promise to empower entrepreneurs to navigate funding challenges. As Carl Davis JR affirmed, “The SBDC Inclusivity Project remains committed to supporting all business owners in their journey towards inclusive growth and entrepreneurial success.” This success sets a positive precedent for future initiatives from the organization.

Left to Right: Carl Davis Jr., IP Coordinator, Leslie Murdock, IP Advisor, Scott Rogalski, Norcal SBDC Associate Director

Given the Summit’s overwhelming success, the SBDC Inclusivity Project is pleased to announce that it will be hosting another event on August 31st. This upcoming event promises to continue the momentum and further support business owners on their path to entrepreneurial success.