What is the Inclusivity Project?

The Inclusivity Project is a special initiative of the Northern California Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), focusing on supporting the sustainable development of black businesses. Our primary objectives are listed below:

  • Sign-up 1000 new black entrepreneurs to receive complimentary business advice to start a new business or grow/expand an existing business.
  • Help start new black-owned businesses.
  • Help connect small businesses with capital.

What is the cost of participating in the Inclusivity Project?

The Inclusivity Project is completely complimentary. Paid for by your tax dollars.

What business types can participate in the Inclusivity Project?

  • Sole Proprietor –Individual using the legal name as the business name that files a Schedule C, Schedule F, or has a fictitious business name or DBA statement
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Cooperative
  • Corporation
  • Partnership
  • S-Corporation

What if I have poor credit?

Negative, delinquent, bad, or low credit scores are all welcome. We have a team of Credit Specialists that will work with all credit scores to help you accomplish your goals.

Is a college degree required to participate in the Inclusivity Project?

No. There is no college schooling required to be an entrepreneur.

Would a participant be unqualified to participate in the Inclusivity Project if no previous experience as a business owner?

No prior business ownership experience is required.

What’s Stopping You?

Success takes more than passion. It takes real knowledge and a support system that can adapt to you. We’ll meet you wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey and help give you the mentorship and access to tools you need to realize your business potential.