Our Ethos

  1. Talk is cheap.
  2. Action speaks louder than words.
  3. We see a problem, and we plan to do something about it.

While the impact of Covid-19 exaggerated the disparities in the Black small business community — historically, Black entrepreneurs have faced road blocks and challenges to success.

From racial bias to lack of mentorship, and key resources such as credit and access to capital Black business owners have faced countless disadvantages to realizing the dream of entrepreneurship, and the Inclusivity Project aims to do something about it.

Our Vision

The vision of the Inclusivity Project is to create meaningful change within California’s Black business community by being a strategic conduit to provide leadership, mentorship, and financial resources — while creating meaningful community engagement and stakeholder thinking.


IP champions to provide 1×1 authentic support tailored specifically to the needs of your business – on day one. Benefit from our strategic relationships with lenders, municipalities, and state government agencies. Level up your business game and know-how by attending our exclusive member-only business classes, workshops, and events.


Bolster your business with the support of a growing network of NorCal Black entrepreneurs. Connect with regional business leaders through high-impact training and events. Gain access to and rub elbows with potential corporate partners and leading business experts.

Project Leadership


Chris Horton is the Program Director and Founder of the Inclusivity Project (IP).

Chris is known for his visionary approach and passionate commitment to small business financing. The Founder, President & CEO of Silicon Valley Laissez Faire Organization he is a pioneer of economic and community development throughout the United States.

Chris works closely with startups and existing businesses as an SBDC Regional Lending Manager where he provides entrepreneurs access to capital, tools and resources.

Chris’ leadership in NorCal SBDC’s lnclusivity Project is the latest in his long track record of helping minorities and underserved communities with access to capital and small business mentorship. Many people know him as an active business leader in the community who spreads encouragement, hope and inspiration through his many volunteering roles and philanthropic giving. Living by the motto, “Service Above Self” Chris Horton is fully committed to community prosperity.


Sanford Livingston II oversees the administration, programs and strategic plan of the Nor-Cal Financial Development Corporation (Nor-Cal FDC). Sanford manages strategic growth and operational responsibilities, staff and programs, and ensures the successful execution of the Nor-Cal FDC mission.


Margaret Jackson is a successful business woman and radio program host who promotes, empowers, and motivates a business professional to live the most powerful and fulfilled life possible.